Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Connected Voices aims to provide an effective platform by which youth from all countries and backgrounds are able to articulate their demands in the international climate arena through peer representation.


Mission Statement

In 2012, around 50 countries had peer youth representation at COP18, leaving young people in around 150 countries without such representation. We want to reverse these numbers at COP19 in Warsaw. By the crucial COP21, we want Connected Voices to provide an effective platform for young people in every country on Earth.

What will we do to achieve this?

  • Facilitate the formation of partnerships between youth organisations and individuals who are fortunate enough to attend COPs, and those who are unable to do so.
  • Develop and distribute resources which enable partnerships to become strong and effective.
  • Maintain a comprehensive database of youth organisations and networks to allow for regular contact and relationship building.
  • Develop a website that provides information about the project and offers accessible ways to become involved.
  • Establish an active presence on social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, to communicate the project’s activities.
  • Undertake a consultative process, concentrating on those who are unable to attend, in the lead-up to each COP from which a plan of activities, priorities and messages can be developed.
  • Build a relationship with the UNFCCC secretariat to secure effective means to communicate the messages we receive.
  • Ensure that the messages and concerns we receive are voiced, displayed and presented in the most effective and powerful way possible.
  • Work with other youth organisations and delegations to build on and strengthen the work of connected voices.
  • Raise funds each year in order to maintain the online communications platforms, purchase materials to facilitate the work of Connected Voices at COP, and support steering committee members to attend COP.

What will we do to ensure we are effective?

– Continually evaluate the effectiveness and scope of CV in relation to its vision statement, maintaining the flexibility to adapt to new challenges as they arise.

– Periodically contact delegations who have already connected with other groups to gather examples of best practice and identify areas where more work or support is needed.

– Create a continuous feedback mechanism for those involved in the project to offer suggestions for its improvement.

– Produce an annual feedback mechanism (or video/prezi) highlighting the successes and developments of the project.