The Team


I’m 19 years old from New Zealand, a school leaver in 2013 and volunteer teacher in Malawi in 2014. I’m passionate about fighting injustice of all kinds. I will be attending COP20 as one of the New Zealand youth delegates and  hope to travel to COP as a Connected Voices leader in the future. 

Focus: Chair of Steering Committee 2014-2015



I’m a 26 year old freelance writer, photographer and interpreter. I’m ethnically Taiwanese but was born and raised in Venezuela. I’m the co-founder of Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition and Flares in The Sky, and chief ambassador Ecosia.

Focus: Communications Manager 2014-2015



I’m 24 and from Australia. I’m an environmentalist, public servant and obsessed with cycling. I’m passionate about building an inclusive international coalition to work on climate change solutions and want to help Connected Voices contribute to that.
Feel free to contact me at or via Twitter.

                                               Focus: Partnerships Manager 2014-2015

 Previous Steering Committee Members


I’m 25 and from Australia. I’m General Muppet at Useful Inc., a small upstart non-profit based in Perth aimed at make doing good as mainstream as cheeseburgers and breathing.

Focus: Media Liaison / Website / Twitter


I’m 24 years old from New Zealand. Although I haven’t started yet, I will be working as a researcher at Landcare Research in about six weeks time.

Focus: Fundraising / Youtube / Liaison with the UNFCCC


I’m 24 years old and from the UK. I’m just finishing a year’s sabbatical and looking for a job as a climate change campaigner.

Focus: Website / Partners Database



I’ll be 18 in August and I’m from Singapore. I’m a student studying Geography, Economics, English Literature and Mathematics, and I’m a member of 350 Singapore.

Focus: Media Liaison / Twitter / Email / Website



I am 31 and from Rwanda. I work full time for the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources in Rwanda as the National Poultry Program Coordinator.

Focus: Twitter / Facebook



I’m 20 and from the UK. I attended COP17 in Durban as a WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) delegate and COP18 in Doha as a WAGGGS co-ordinator.

Focus: Facebook / Twitter / Website


I’m 24, from India. Was at COP18 with Adopt a Negotiator and I currently work for Greenpeace as a Campaigner for Renewable Energy.

Focus: Partners Database / Fundraising


I’m 24 years old and from India. I work on urban climate change resilience as a Research Associate at TERI (The Energy & Resources Institute).

Focus: Visual Media / Website



I’m 28 and from New Zealand. I’m in between jobs at the moment but I’ll be going to’s Global Power Shift in June so who knows what’s next!

Focus: Email / Fundraising / Facebook


I’m 23 and from the Maldives. I’m doing my Bachelors Degree in Communication at Marmara University in Istanbul.

Focus: Visual Media / Website