Join the Connected Voices Steering Committee

NOTICE: Applications to become part of the 2015-2016 Steering Committee will commence during the second half of the year. Please stay tuned! 

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Please feel free to ask us any questions about the project or the application process.

Why is Connected Voices Important?

Approximately 1.5 billion young people in more than 150 countries lack peer representation at the UN climate change conferences. These young people live mainly in developing countries and are often highly vulnerable to the negative impacts of climate change. They are the most important stakeholders – it is their futures which are at stake, and yet their voices are not heard at the UN climate change conference. The Connected Voices initiative works to change this.

How does Connected Voices Work?

Connected Voices works to provide a platform by which youth from all countries and backgrounds are able to articulate their demands in the international climate arena through peer representation. The project creates partnerships between young people attending the UN climate change conferences, and young people in countries with no youth representatives. The project also provides a central repository for messages from young people and a hub for communication about the conferences. At the conferences, we work to ensure that messages that we receive from around the world are heard by leaders and negotiators.

Click here for more about how we work and what we got up to in Warsaw at COP19

Who do We Need This Year?

This year we are looking for people who may fit the following positions:

Communications Coordinator

This role is all about making sure people know who Connected Voices are, what we do, and how they can get involved.


  • Management and growth of of social media platforms, including the cross-posting of relevant materials and information to young people.
  • Management of the website.
  • Production and dissemination of graphics, video etc. where required.
  • Manages current and builds new external partnerships (e.g. CliMates, Zero Carbon Africa etc.)
  • Builds a mailing system and accompanying CRM system, and management of email communications.

Regional/linguistic Coordinator

This role is about managing a series of focal points to find new organisations, groups and individuals to get involved in Connected Voices, and to foster partnerships between those groups.


  • Recruitment, oversight and management of the regional/linguistic focal points.
  • Planning and implementing a strategy to build and strengthen partnerships.
  • Populating and helping to maintain an accurate and up-to-date CRM database of contacts, partners, etc. to aid communications.
  • Assist the Chair in creating and managing new partnerships with international and/or online groups to increase reach. e.g. CliMates.

COP Coordinator

This role focuses on the COP at the end of each year to make sure that the Connected Voices programme gets heard as effectively as possible.


  • Liaise with the secretariat & YOUNGO.
  • Design and produce displays and coordinates actions at COP.
  • Work with partners (e.g. COPinMyCity) to improve links between young people at COP and young people who are unable to attend (e.g. Skype link-ups with youth outside the conference etc.)

Fundraising Coordinator

This is a vital role, without which Connected Voices’ ability to achieve it’s goals will be limited.


  • Coordinate fundraising for the project.
  • Look at funding to assist CV steering committee members to attend COP.
  • Liaise/work with the ‘Right to Representation’ group to support work on getting funding for young people from the global south to attend the talks.

The amount of time required will vary at different times and between roles. It will also be largely self-determined and will depend on your motivation to make the project a success. If you are interested in applying, we encourage you to target one of these roles, think carefully about what you would like to achieve in this role, and consider how much time this will take and whether you can commit that.

How can you become Involved?

If you are interested in helping shape this project and working to ensure all youth have a voice in the UNFCCC process, please fill out the application form below. While experience and expertise may help in some of the advertised roles, no specific skills are required and it is not essential that you have gone to a UN climate change conference in the past or that you intend to go to COP20 in Lima. We are looking to create a strong and diverse team of young people who are enthusiastic about the core objectives of the project. Applications close on the 10th of October 2014 and we will be in contact with all applicants by the 20th of October 2014. Please forward this application to anyone you think would be a valuable addition to the Connected Voices team. We look forward to receiving your application and working with you in the future.

Please note that these roles do not have funding to attend the COP.

Steering Committee Application Form

Please answer the following questions and email them back to BEFORE the 10th October 2014. There is no need to complete this application in a separate document, simply answer the questions in a reply to this email if this is easiest for you. No additional material is necessary; we do not need to see your CV.

1)      What is your full name?

2)      What is your home country?

3)      In less than 150 words, please tell us what gives you a personal desire to support un-represented youth voices at the UN climate change conferences?

4)      Approximately how many hours per week can you contribute to this project?

5)      In less than 150 words, please tell us about a previous project you were really excited about and the role you played in taking the project forward.

6)      How do you feel about this being a primarily online team?

7)      In less than 200 words, what unique skills and traits do you feel you would bring to the role you are applying for, and to the team?

8)      Which languages can you comfortably communicate in?

9)      In less than 100 words, what would you like the project to achieve before the crucial COP21 in Paris?

Thank you for showing support for and interest in being part of the Connected Voices steering committee. We look forward to receiving your applications in the near future. We will respond to all applicants by the 20th of October 2014.

Warm regards,

The Connected Voices team.