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Over the period of 6 months, we’ve been gathering stories and quotes from young people from all walks of life in all corners of the world regarding their stance on climate change. Please stay tuned for more stories to come!

Source: Classroom to Classroom Campaign Nigeria 2014
Credits: Usman Muhammad (Official CV Volunteer 2014-2015)

Nigeria woman giving workshop

“We must come together to save the earth before we reach a tipping point of no return.” – Cyril Divine

Source: Obrachire Christmas Celebration
Credits: Cedric Dzelu (Official CV Volunteers 2014)

Ghana children during Christmas celebrationYoung volunteers in Ghana organise Christmas celebrations every year to bring the community together and share about the importance of education, in particular about the environment. Parents have repeatedly praised such gatherings. One particular heart-touching story about a 12 year-old boy (a truant) stood out, where he approached the group and was jokingly dismissed by other children saying he could not join. He wept, ran home, but later returned asking if he could join the event if he attended school consistently; the other children responded with a sound “Yes” and encouraged him to stay in school and join in the festivities. The boy then promised to do whatever he could to attend school consistently. Such small, yet inspiring, stories remind us that if children have the will to change their lives, education (be it general education or about the environment) should be a right granted to them.

Central African Republic
Credits: Philippe Junior Sibiro (Official CV Volunteer 2014)

The following quotes were gathered from various youths regarding their expectations on climate change by our volunteer, translated into German and Spanish:

” We hope for a clean and healthy world.”

[Ger] Wir hoffen auf eine saubere und gesunde Welt.
[Esp] Esperamos un mundo limpio y sano.

“Our biggest dream is to preserve the land as it is for future generations.”

[Ger] Unser größter Traum ist es, unser Land so wie es ist für die nächsten Generationen zu bewahren.
[Esp] Nuestro sueño más grande es preservar nuestra tierra así como es para las generaciónes futuras.

“Here in Central Africa we’ve been affected by extreme weathers, flooding, increased drought and some water-borne diseases.”

[Ger] Hier in Zentralafrika sind wir von extremen Wetterereignissen, Überflutungen, immer stärkeren Dürren und durch Trinkwasser übertragbaren Krankheiten betroffen.
[Esp] Aquí en África central somos afectados por un tiempo extremo con ínundaciones, sequías cada vez mas fuertes y enfermedades transmisibles por el agua.

“We want COP leaders to realise it’s time to stop talking and come up with concrete and visible solutions.”

[Ger] Wir wollen, dass die Regierungsvertreter auf der COP verstehen, dass es an der Zeit ist das Reden sein zu lassen und an konkreten und sichtbaren Lösungen zu arbeiten.
[Esp] Queremos que los líderes en la COP realizen que ya es tiempo de dejar de solamente hablar y empezar a proponer soluciones concretas y visibles.

We want to tell youth around the world that we’ll keep fighting together!

[Ger] Wir wollen den Jugendlichen auf der ganzen Welt sagen, dass wir weiter zusammen kämpfen werden!
[Esp] Queremos decir a los jovenes en todo el mundo que seguiremos luchando juntos!

“We expect a sincere agreement between all nations at COP to really start reducing CO2 in our atmosphere. We don’t want discrimination between poor and industrialised nations in the distribution and use of renewable energy.”

[Ger] Wir wollen keine Diskriminierung zwischen armen und industrialisierten Ländern, wenn es um die Verteilung und Nutzung von erneuerbarer Energie geht. Ohne atmende Bäume wird es kein Leben auf der Erde geben.
[Esp] No queremos ninguna discriminación entre países pobres y desarrolados en terminos de la distribución y al uso de la energía renovable. Sin arboles que respiran no habría vida en la tierra.


2 thoughts on “Around the World

  1. I am very humbled that the story from Ghana has had a space on the connected voices. Indeed such memorable collections hits the soul of us volunteers and those who fund our effort. -Cedric

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